About Us

My passion for making cards started when I decided to create cards with humourous sentiments to send to my sister and my girlfriends. It was my way to provide them with a snail mail surprise to lift their spirits and make them smile. Send a little love!

My sister kept the cards that I sent to her and showed them to a local small business. That business decided they wanted to carry a collection of my handmade cards in their store, which surprised and delighted me! I still have a card stand in that store to this day.

Plus, I love making cards so much that my friends and family encouraged me to create an online store. With their support, I did. In addition to working full time, I now run a small family business from my home workshop. My husband, when he's not working, and my two little dogs (does that count as undercover support dog work?) keep me company while I create.

I source my materials from North American vendors, supporting other small businesses as much as possible, and I make each and every greeting card by hand. Each card is a one-of-a-kind handmade creation.