What is a perpetual calendar and how can it help you?

A perpetual calendar is a 12 month calendar of the days of the months and it is used for keeping track of special dates, such as birthdays and anniversaries.  The reason it is “perpetual” is because it is not limited to a specific year.  You fill in the calendar once adding additional dates in future, as necessary, and then use the calendar year after year.  A perpetual calendar is both handy and cost effective.

To make use of your perpetual calendar, once important dates have been added, you simply look at the calendar a couple of times a month and plan to send out your gifts and cards in advance of the next important dates.  If you send to mostly local addresses, working two weeks in advance may allow sufficient time for delivery.  If you send to addresses that are farther away, you may wish to allow additional time to accommodate national or international mailing timelines.

Where do you get a perpetual calendar?  You can download a free pdf from my website at:


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