Ideas for Choosing a Masculine Card

Do you struggle to find an appropriate masculine card when you need one?  If so, you’re not alone.  I have put together a few tips to consider when doing your shopping for masculine cards.

Colour choice: blues and greens in a variety of shades have been tried and true colour schemes for masculine cards.  However, consider a wider variety of colour choices - earth tones are quite varied and include shades of orange, deep reds and a variety of browns which also have a masculine feel.

Pattern: some patterns lend themselves nicely to masculine cards, such as plaids and simple stripes.  But don’t rule out scene cards.  Is the recipient a fisherman?  If so, a lake or ocean scene might be appropriate.

Interactive: interactive cards are great for both masculine and feminine cards, but combined with another element, such as pattern or colour choice, you may find an interactive card not only suits what you are looking for, but becomes the star of the show.

Unisex: not all people fall into traditional colour schemes or masculine/feminine categories.  Sometimes a card made in neutral colours or that uses iconic design elements (perhaps candles) fits the bill.

Hobbies: does the person have a particular hobby?  Are there colours or patterns associated with that hobby?  For example, if the person loves sailing a card with ocean colours and a wavy pattern may be just the ticket.